Rehearsal for Margaret’s death…

Anna Maria Wünsche is Gretchen             Caspar Krieger is  Faust

Music: Paul Dessau

FAUST:  In truth, the eyes of one who’s dead are those,
Which there was no fond, loving hand to close;
That is the breast that Gretchen offered me,
That is the body sweet that I enjoyed.
How strange that such a lovely neck
A single band of crimson must bedeck!
A knife’s edge scarcely seems less wide.

MARGARET:  Who, headsman, ever had this power
Over me to give?
You fetch me at the midnight hour!
Be merciful and let me live!

FAUST:  No prayers help here and naught I say,
So I must venture to bear you away.

MARGARET: Let me alone! No, I’ll not suffer force!
Don’t pounce so murderously on me!
I have done all for love of you.

My mother, the whore,
She has murdered me!
My father, the rogue,
He has eaten me,
My sister, so small,
My bones, one and all,
In a cool place did lay.
A forest bird fair I became that day;
Fly away! Fly away!

My mother I have slain.
My child I’ve drowned! It’s true!
Was it not given to me and you?

FAUST:  Let what is done and over, over be!
You’re killing me.

MARGARET:  Kiss me! Do!
Or I’ll kiss you!

Oh, woe! Your dear lips are so cold,
Are still!
Where has your loving
Been roving?
Who did me this ill?

Henry! I shrink from you!


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